Grant paves way for adding Ohio, Allegheny river basins to monitoring project

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A $700,000 grant to West Virginia University’s Water Research Institute from the Colcom Foundation will allow for the continuation and expansion of the award-winning water quality monitoring and reporting program known as QUEST – Quality Useful Environmental Study Teams.

Originally focused on the Monongahela River Basin, the new Colcom-funded 3 Rivers QUEST project will also include the Allegheny and upper Ohio river Basins.

Brian Carlson sampling

WVU Institute partners with volunteers on “QUEST” for Mon River Water Quality info

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Mon River Quest isn’t the name of an upcoming Indiana Jones movie; it isn’t a board game you can find in the local toy store; and it isn’t the name of some kind of river geography quiz. Mon River Quest is a major West Virginia University -based initiative that is empowering hundreds of volunteers in an effort to keep an eye on thousands of miles of Monongahela River tributary streams so that any detected irregularities can be quickly monitored, traced and alleviated.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marcellus Shale Fracking

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Many of us have seen or heard about the YouTube video where the homeowner turns on his faucet and out comes water and fire. Did shale drilling and fracking cause that? What are the risks of shale gas development? How about the benefits? West Virginia Water Research Institute Director Paul Ziemkiewicz and his colleagues at West Virginia University have been conducting research about the environmental effects of the new gas well development occurring throughout northern and central Appalachia.