USGS Sensor Deployment

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    As Hurricane Florence approaches the North and South Carolina shores, the current Category 4 storm forced the mandatory evacuation of over 1 million people. Officials are warning of “massive damage” to the coasts and surrounding areas, including extensive flooding. Six two-person crews from the United States Geological Survey agency are installing real-time rapid deployment gauges and storm-surge sensors to record data from the impending storm. The sensors are being deployed from the Atlantic Coast to the eastern portions of West Virginia as meteorologists are forecasting 6-10+ inches of rain to slam the region, with some areas already receiving 2-5 inches over the last 48 hours. All sensors are being deployed in the Short-Term Network and the data will be available to view on Thursday through the Flood Event Viewer. To view this data, click here, then open up the tab labeled “USGS – Flood Viewer”. Data from past events will also be available through this website.

    Significant coordination with FEMA, USACE, NWS, as well as state and local cooperators aided in the determination of the sensor locations. The USGS does not currently plan on a press release.


Rapid Deployment Gages (Real-time RDGs):  


1)  Howards Creek at White Sulphur Springs, WV

–Greenbrier Avenue Bridge


2)  Sewell Creek at Rainelle, WV-above confluence with Little Sewell


HOBO Sensor Deployment–non-telemetry


Elk Basin:

1)  Little Sandy at Elkview (03197790)–historic USGS site

2)  Buffalo Creek nr Clay (03196750)–historic USGS site


Kanawha Basin:

3)  Cabin Creek (tributary ~10 miles upstream of Charleston)


Gauley Basin:

4)  Cherry River at Richwood (03188500)–historic USGS site.  Cherry River at Fenwick as backup (just

downstream of Richwood).


Upper Ohio:

5)  Fishing Creek near New Martinsville


  1. X)  WV Fork Fish Creek near Hundred–current USGS out of operation, but a temporary sensor will be deployed


Tug Fork:

6)  Pigeon Creek at Lenore (03213800)–historic USGS site.