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WATERS is now live! All previous users have access to WATERS but will need to contact the Database
Manager (DM) at ThreeRiversQUEST@gmail.com for initial set-up. Once your account has been activated, you
will have access to all the data that had been held in the previous database, which was shut down in
October 2017, and be able to upload current data moving forward.
3RQ staff are working hard to update WATERS with data collected since that time. If you have loaded
your data (either scans of field data sheets or data logger files) onto the Google Drive prior to WATERS
going live, your data will be loaded into the database for you. If you did not put your data onto the
Google Drive, you may still have the opportunity to do so. Please contact the DM for more information.
Please be aware that not everything could be ported over to the new database due to errors in the data
itself. Thus, if you want to be sure your data has been mapped over, once your account has been
activated, you should run a report to compare to the data you have on hand. Any discrepancies should
be reported to the DM for resolution.
Along similar lines, the Profiles that were used to upload logger data will need to be recreated. The new
process is much easier and faster, but if you have a lot of logger sites and need help building the profiles,
please contact the DM for assistance.